Light Wolves is a World of Warcraft sister-guild to our Horde guild, Dark Wolves - both of which are based on the EU-Lightbringer realm.  It was set up in anticipation of "Connected Realms" taking place, for those Horde members who wished to try a little of the Alliance side, in a friendly environment.  Anyone who is currently a member of Dark Wolves are able to automatically gain membership to Light Wolves, should they so wish.

If you are already a Light Wolves guild member, you can register with the site without going through the application process, by using the launch code given in-game.

If you are interested in becoming a Light Wolves member, please read our rules and general information and, if you find those acceptable, fill out an application form.

If you have any questions prior to joining, please feel free to contact us either on the public forums or in-game.
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Guild News

Legion Guild Preparation

by Poisonenvy, 51 days ago

To ensure the guild is in good order going into the new expansion, I've today gone through the guild vault and organised it (hopefully) more efficiently.  Previously we had three tabs where most things were just added wherever there was space, but with several new tabs purchased, it has been organised in the following way:

Tabs 1 and 2: Professions materials.  These are split, with those professions needing metals/ores and herbs on the first tab, along with a few miscellaneous items, and those professions needing gems, enchanting materials, leather and cloth in the second tab.

Tab 3: "Learnables", "Useables" and Bags.  This includes things like patterns, recipes, pets, scopes, etc.

Tab 4: Consumables.  Including the raw materials to make food, the foods themselves, flasks, potions, etc.

Tab 5: Transmogs/Low level gear.  For anything able to be transmogged (no jewelry).  You can also take items from this tab if you're levelling a character and the gear would be useful for you.

Tab 6: Max level gear, flasks, potions and foods.  Currently empty of these items (a) because we don't have any, and (b) because we're about to go into a new expansion so we might as well only add Legion items in there.  So for the duration that tab is holding locked chests that are awaiting a kind rogue/locksmith to volunteer to open them ;-)

In addition to the guild vault preparation, I've also gone through the roster and tidied it up.  We did have an additional rank for a guild leader (ie, someone who was going to look after the guild on my behalf) but there doesn't seem a need for that so ranks have been shuffled.

I've now made the officer rank only available to those with an authenticator.

I've also added an additional rank, "Veteran Alt" in order to make it more clear how many people we have at Veteran rank, and not have it clogged up with alts.  All Veteran alts are now placed in this rank which, assuming I've done it correctly, should have exactly the same access as Veteran.

Above Veteran rank, there is also a Veteran Raider rank (unused at the moment). 

In order to keep things slightly more seperate from our Horde guild, I've now removed from the public notes the horde character names of members of Light Wolves.  I think this will also make it more open to chat with others, especially those who are either from Samsara or from another guild.

Following on from that, all "alt" names should now reflect their "main" in Light Wolves rather than the character name we may know them from, from Horde.

I've obviously had to guess at some "mains" - picking generally the highest level character, preferably with the easiest to spell name!  If you'd like to change which character is your main in Light Wolves, please let me know and I'll change it.

Leading on from that - the way the ranks currently work is that, if a member is completely new to both Light Wolves and Dark Wolves, then they join at the initiate rank.  If there is no problem with them over a period of time, they will become a full member.  If a member joins Light Wolves and they are already a member of Dark Wolves, they generally get assigned a rank in Light Wolves that is similar to that in Dark Wolves. 

If anyone feels they are in the wrong rank, please let me know.

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